Brunch Guide: Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza and Live Music

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive
Morning Side Coal-Fired Pizza

One of the best pizzerias in Columbus - and the only one with a fancy, clean-burning-coal-fired oven - does double duty as a cozy concert venue. Tune-wise, the house specializes in Americana, which you'll hear played on the handsome stage and see commemorated on the colorful tables, where classic album covers are used for decoration. Pizza-wise, the house specializes in lovely Neapolitan-style, thin-crusted pies with a yeasty sourdough tang. Bonus: The live Sunday brunch music is generally free.

The Bloody Mary, $8

Made with house tomato sauce and pepper-infused vodka that results in a little back-end bite, Natalie's brunch-time cocktail is rich yet also refreshing due to judicious splashes of leavening citrus and prudent dashes of black pepper. An olive, pickle and celery stalk are included to nibble on.

Savory: Morning Side Coal-Fired Pizza, $14

Pizza eaten as the first meal of the day is nothing new - but usually it's consumed cold and while sketchily clothed and with the refrigerator door still open. Going out for a hot and delicious, freshly baked artisanal breakfast pie topped with bacon and eggs? Yeah, that's more like it - and that's what you'll get with this brunch-time beauty featuring a thin-yet-sturdy crust with an attractively char-spotted "cornicione" that imparts a subtle smokiness. Further flattering its strips of smoky pig meat and multiple runny-yolked eggs baked right onto the pie are a lively tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and - just prior to serving - fresh arugula and Parmesan-like shaved grana padano cheese.

Sweet: Cinnamon Roll, $6

Crusty in the right places and gooey where it should be, this homemade treat coated in a super-smooth and addictive "Ohio maple icing" is big enough to share among three people. Unless I order it.


In addition to free live music, Natalie's offers a cost-cutting, all-in-one brunch parlay: Luck Bros' coffee and a Bloody Mary (or other morning cocktail) and a brunch entree (e.g. that great, shareable morning pizza) for $18.


Coal-Fired Pizza

and Live Music

5601 N. High St.