Brunch Guide: Skillet

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive
Huevos Rancheros with Housemade Turkey-Red Mole Sausage and Cheese Blintzes with Blackberry preserves

Tiny-but-mighty Skillet is one of the preeminent ingredient-sourcing restaurants in Columbus, and you'll see countless references to local farms dotting its menu. But it's what this family-run dynamo does with those stellar groceries that catapults Skillet to the top of the must-visit list for serious chow hounds: Produce huge, focused flavors out of a modest-looking kitchen. Skillet's compact digs - expect lines during prime weekend times - exude a masculine, rustic-yet-artsy charm consistent with its cooking aesthetic and augmented by its brick walls, prominent wood and the kind of stars you see adorning Amish Country barns.

The Bloody Mary, N/A

Sorry big time, Skillet doesn't have a liquor license - but the Brioso coffee it serves with a cute little milk can of Snowville Creamery cream is terrific.

Savory: Huevos Rancheros, $12

There is no better version of huevos rancheros in Columbus. It's one of those slam dunks in which every ingredient shines, yet the whole is greater than the sum of its glittering parts. Skillet's fabulous take on the famous south-of-the-border brunch dish even arrives clad in the colors of the Mexican flag: white via Snowville crema and Laurel Valley Creamery farmstead cheese, green from scallions and tangy fresh guacamole and a zesty, slightly smoky red ranchero sauce. These are piled atop crunchy, just-fried, non-GMO corn tortillas layered with soupy, seriously delicious Shagbark Mills black turtle beans simmered with tomato sofrito and beer. Copia Farm eggs with extra-flavorful yolks enrich the deliriously messy package. Bonus: You can tack on a huge, seared house-made organic-turkey-meat "red mole" sausage sporting gentle cinnamon and chili notes for $4 if you want. Believe me, you want.

Sweet: Cheese Blintzes, $13

These bundles of joy give many of the renowned New York City blintzes I've tried a real run for the money. The trio of soft-yet-firm mini-crepes griddled to golden brown is lovely, no doubt. But it's the add-ons that catapult the dish into the stratosphere: a creamy-yet-tangy filling of delectably rich, honeyed sheep's milk ricotta cheese playing off vibrant, cooked Ohio blackberries brightened by lemon juice and cabernet sauvignon wine.


Thick, meaty and salty rather than smoky, Skillet's delicious house-cured bacon is more like country ham than regular bacon - and it's worth the extra six bucks.


410 E. Whittier St.,

German Village