P.M.-Dawn: Climate Action House Party

Erica Thompson

A party with a purpose is the best kind of party for an introverted writer who somehow became a nightlife columnist. At the “Resist Trump: Climate Action House Party” on a recent Thursday, attendees were easy to engage in meaningful conversations. As a result, I felt more informed on current events, which rarely happens during a social outing.

Shout out to Tracy for opening her gorgeous German Village home to more than 100 people. She even rented a moving truck to store her furniture for the night to make room for the crowd. She started the event by sharing where she was when Trump was elected: Iceland. She recalled hearing “American Idiot” by Green Day on the radio and crying. But she resolved to stop complaining and take action.

With the Trump administration proposing cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency budget and staff, activists feel there is a ton of action to take. After Tracy spoke at the house party, Neil, of the Sierra Club organization, encouraged guests to fill out cards in support of the EPA to be delivered to Sen. Sherrod Brown, whom he called a champion for the cause.

Later, Rep. Dan Ramos also spoke. “We can't just say Donald Trump did this to us,” he said, pointing to the “complacency of Congress” and stressing the importance of contacting senators and representatives.

It seems more and more Americans are taking action in ways that make sense for them. For example, Ralph, an older white man whom I met at the party, started taking pictures of protests to document the state of the country. He is also planning to open his home for an American Civil Liberties Union meeting. Those are just a couple steps he's taking to fight for his young granddaughters, and his gay and African-American loved ones, he said.

Despite the serious purpose of the event, the tone was far from despondent. There were laughs, hugs, beer, tacos and a fantastic performance by the Floorwalkers. Sitting “front row” on a pillow on the floor next to Tracy's dog and Kayla — a lovely woman who took me under her wing during the night — I enjoyed the band's renditions of songs from “You Ain't Goin' Nowhere” to “Feelin' Alright.”

The Floorwalkers also honored Woody Guthrie by performing the appropriate “This Land is Your Land” and playing with an acoustic guitar bearing the famous message, “This machine kills fascists.”

These social gatherings are necessary for people in the fight who are at risk of getting burned out. They also serve to remind activists they need support, or, as Neil said, “Resisting together is critical.”