Roundup: Dine globally without leaving Columbus

Nicholas Dekker
Tandoori Grill

Columbus is home to immigrants from all over world, which means a wealth of culinary treasures are waiting for anyone willing to explore. Here are a few stops on a gastronomic trip you can take around the globe without leaving the city boundaries.

Huong Vietnamese Restaurant | Vietnam

1270 Morse Rd., North Side

Huong is a much-loved stop featuring bowls of pho, banh mi sandwiches and other Vietnamese staples. After being closed for several months due to the chef getting injured, it has returned to form in recent months.

Jiu Thai Asian Cafe | China

787 Bethel Rd., Northwest Side

The name is deceiving, but Jiu Thai features the cuisine of China's Northern provinces. The hand-pulled noodles are a hit, served hot or cold, as are the stir-fried lamb, dumplings and a variety of noodle soups.

Diaspora | Korea

2118 N. High St., Campus

Diaspora is hidden in plain sight across the street from Ohio State's campus, and serves many Korean staples, from bibimbap to bulgogi steak to deep fried chicken wings.

N.E. Chinese | China

2620 N. High St., Campus

N.E. Chinese's name explains it all: The eatery focuses on dishes from the Dongbei region in the northeast part of China, serving up everything from cumin potatoes to fried fish to hot pots to spicy noodles.

Tandoori Grill | Pakistan

808 Bethel Rd., Northwest Side

Tandoori Grill and its companion grocery, Apna Bazaar,feature specialties like freshly baked naan, crispy samosas, biryanis, curries and tandoori chicken.

Momo Ghar | Nepal & Tibet

Various locations

Momo Ghar has enjoyed its day in the sun recently, thanks to superior Yelp reviews and a stint on “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.” Phuntso Lama and her team have helped introduce Columbus to succulent Nepali and Tibetan dumplings, as well as other dishes.

Hoyo's Kitchen | Somalia

5788 Columbus Sq., North Side

The fast-casual Hoyo's takes its name from the Somali term for “mother,” and the warm welcome and hearty eats speak to the common language of comfort foods.

Lalibela | Ethiopia

1111 S. Hamilton Rd., Whitehall

The welcoming Lalibela features Ethiopian vegetable and meat dishes, many of which are cooked into stews and eaten with the hands using spongy injera bread.

Intercontinental Restaurant | Nigeria

5777 Cleveland Ave., North Side

Intercontinental feeds visitors with rich Nigerian dishes built on fried rice, fried plantains, fufu (steamed dumplings made with yams) and black-eyed peas.

Ranchero Kitchen | El Salvador

984 Morse Rd., North Side

After starting as a stall inside Saraga Grocery, Ranchero Kitchen graduated to its own building last year, offering more space to serve a huge variety of pupusas and other signature Salvadoran dishes.

Andes Bar & Grill | Bolivia & Colombia

79 S. Fourth St., Downtown

The name nods to the mountain range, but the menu at Andes leans mostly into Bolivian and Colombian fare. Expect different varieties of empanadas and big platters focused around steak, chorizo, chicken and pork belly.

Los Potosinos | Mexico

1500 E. Long St., King-Lincoln

This much-loved truck bounced between locations over the years, but has settled into a home in King-Lincoln. The eatery offers a variety of Mexican dishes, but is especially known for its pollo al carbon: chicken perfectly charred on the grill.