Roundup: Dominique Larue’s favorite Columbus spots

Nicholas Dekker
[Photo by Meghan Ralston]

Columbus rapper Dominique Larue performs Friday, Sept. 21, at the Basement in support of her new album, I'm Smiling Because I Hate Everything. We caught up with her via email to discuss her favorite local spots for drinks, breakfast or to spend a quiet morning.

What's your favorite Columbus bar?

My favorite bar is Olde Towne Tavern, and mainly because it's my “everyone knows your name” bar. As soon as I walk in, all the bartenders know me, they know my drink (Four Roses and lime) and I normally order barbecue wings. Can't go wrong with wings.

Do you have a preferred spot for breakfast in Columbus?

Jack & Benny's. Their French toast is flame. Corned beef hash. I'm not really an egg eater, but their Southwest omelet is delicious.

What's your go-to pick for cheap eats?

The taco truck at 14-0 (El Manantial Latino). … They're located on Hudson between Summit and Indianola. I've spent a lot of drunk nights there getting their $1.50 tacos. The pollo is perfectly seasoned. It's my little night cap spot. There hasn't been one person that I took there that did not like their tacos.

What's your favorite quiet hangout?

Upper Cup is normally the place I go to complete homework and drink all the tea. They always play my jams, too.

Do you have a favorite hidden gem, some place you wish more people knew about?

Eddy's Chicken and Waffles. Their prices are reasonable. Their wings are perfectly fried (and seasoned), and if I'm feeling froggy I'll get their chicken and waffles.

Do you have an all-time favorite Columbus restaurant?

Ryan's is a classic buffet-style restaurant and was my favorite place to go as a kid. It didn't matter what mood I was in, they always had what I wanted. I'd normally keep it funky with chicken, mac and cheese and green beans.