On Tap: The Drunken Donut

Nicholas Dekker

Fans of doughnuts and beer can now satisfy both cravings at once with the arrival of the Drunken Donut.

The Drunken Donut is the brainchild of Elayna Brizendine and Joey Tomko. The duo creates doughnuts incorporating beers from Columbus breweries like Parsons North, Seventh Son, Wolf's Ridge and BrewDog. The pair also uses local ingredients like Stauf's Coffee and Indulgence Ice Cream.

“Drunken Donut started originally as us wanting to bring something new to the Columbus scene,” Brizendine said. “Columbus already has an amazing doughnut scene, but we thought why not try and add to that? What can be our niche that sets us apart?”

Neither Brizendine nor Tomko have formal culinary training, but the pair began baking doughnuts anyway. “We started doing this process with friends and family,” Brizendine said, “enjoying some craft brews in the process. That's when the idea hit us: Why not add craft brew to the dough? You can do it with beer bread and it makes a dang good bread. And that's when the experimentation began.”

“Adding the beer to the dough became a whole different ball game,” she continued. “The end result was a fluff factor unlike any other. This also made it fun, contacting different breweries to get their opinions on which beers go well with desserts, turning them into the dough, as well as glazes.”

Brizendine and Tomko also solicited feedback from friends, family and Columbus-area food bloggers.

Brizendine said some of the greatest hits so far include the Cookie Monster, topped with a glaze crafted from Wolf's Ridge's Clear Sky Daybreak coffee cream ale, and Stauf's peanut butter cookie coffee. She also pointed to the Drunkaroo, with a vanilla porter glaze, frosted animal crackers and sprinkles.

“People get really excited when we post anything with cereal,” Brizendine said. “A huge hit has actually been the cinnamon toast brunch, which is a spin off of the Wolf's Ridge beer, making a glaze from their Cinnamon Toast Brunch and topping it with maple and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

“This process is fun for us, as local breweries are experimenting with new brews and the wild flavors coming out,” Brizendine said. “We make these all by hand and are up for any challenge, so if you think of a brew that would be excellent as a glaze, we always welcome the submission of new doughnuts!”

You can find the Drunken Donut popping up on April 14 at Land-Grant Brewing, April 28 at the German Village Makers Market and on May 24 at Nostalgia Brewing in Gahanna.