On Tap: Parsons North celebrates grand opening

Nicholas Dekker

Although it's been open since late December, Parsons North Brewing Company finally celebrated its official grand opening on a recent April weekend. The festivities included live music, food trucks, contests and specials on beer.

Over the past few months, owners Seth Draeger and Nathan Klein have been expanding the beer list and introducing guests to their taproom and patio. Klein manages the taproom, and Draeger, who has more than four years of experience with home brewing, serves as head brewer.

Both said community feedback has been positive, especially with the introduction of the patio in warmer weather. “The response from the neighborhood and people around Columbus has been super supportive,” Draeger said, “and not just of the beers, but the space and the vibe we have. Things have been better and better and stronger and stronger.”

Draeger is working on a 10-barrel brewing system and he has introduced a dozen of his beers to the roster, with more on the way. “I have 30 different recipes I've developed over the years,” he said, “testing them in home brewing competitions and with friends. We'll keep rolling out new beers and bring out new styles and new things to try.”

The current tap list features 10 brews and includes one or two guest drafts, and selections will be further expanded in the coming months. “We'll have a sour in the next month or two, and ciders later in the fall or early winter,” Klein said. The brewery will also add a house-made root beer to the tap list, and is rotating in new, seasonal creations for the cocktail menu.

Draeger said some of the early hits included his grapefruit wheat, the kolsch and an East Coast IPA. He said the grapefruit wheat's popularity came as a surprise, and likened it to writing a hit song. “I always think back to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,'” he said. “Queen knew they liked it, but had no idea how it would play. They gave it to a DJ friend who promised not to play it on the air, but then he played it and it got requested all day. Things will surprise you like that. I knew [the grapefruit wheat] was going to be a favorite, but I was surprised how many people connected with the beer.”

Parsons North Brewing Company

685 Parsons Ave., South Side