Q&A: Sarah J. Storer, the Naked Redhead

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Sarah J. Storer writes the blog The Naked Redhead, where she offers advice on relationships and life in general - and sometimes just musings about what's on her mind. After going through a divorce, she found the best way to address her feelings was with words. Others found those words useful, too. After only a few years, she was receiving questions from men and women all over the world.

I've been journaling in some capacity since I was eight. Writing for myself has always been part of my landscape. In 2008, I actually deleted everything I had ever written. So I thought - Google found it later. Then I decided I wanted to do something anonymously and I started The Naked Redhead. It was a way to do what I call "soul puke." It's just to get out whatever that emotion was, or feeling, or my true observation of a situation.

I didn't start out necessarily talking about relationships, but it wasjusta way for me to emote. I was divorced very young, so I could emote about that. And I was dating - there's some funny stories there and things to talk about - so that's how that all happened.

I've had red hair since I was in college. No it's not natural. No the carpet doesn't match the drapes, and if I hear one more perv ask me that on the interwebs …

I'm kind of known for the red hair, and I decided to put naked in the title because that's a good way to show people that I'm being really honest. There's no filter, it's just me putting it out there.

I seriously never thought of the porn implications. Ever. Once. It's funny, because that's how a lot of people found me. And a lot of them stay to read, which is bizarre. I've gotten letters from men that have been like, "I came for one thing and stayed for another." Well, welcome perv. Enjoy.

Humor is really important to my writing. I try to leave every post with somebody walking away thinking a little bit more or walking away and they laugh a little bit. I do often write very serious things and then I'll stick in something funny right in the middle.

I think the biggest stereotype that needs to be broken is that men aren't emotional. As human beings, we are all emotionally complex creatures and we're all guilty of throwing on stereotypes to either gender, and then basing our behavior off the stereotypes rather than the situation. One thing that men appreciate about my column is that I'm willing to get that you may not call for three days because you have something else going on. It might not be your rule. You might be shy.

If somehow Tina Fey and I liked women, it might be a match made in heaven. Otherwise, anything where we can laugh and have a good time being two people in the same place enjoying each other's company, I'm more than happy with that.

Sarah J. Storer

Hometown: West Side

Neighborhood: Grandview

Age: 32

Day job: Content Marketing Strategist at The Karcher Group

Favorite things:

Favorite author: Madeleine L'Engle

Favorite book: Any book that a 13-year-old boy would enjoy, I will probably read it.

Favorite band: Ladies on piano

FavoriteTV show: "30 Rock" and "New Girl"

Favorite beer: Bell's Two Hearted

Favorite food: Mac and cheese