Mikey's Late Night Slice garnering local, national kudos for standing up against hate

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

We pegged Mikey Sorboro, the founder of Mikey's Late Night Slice, as a Person To Watch last year. Now a whole lot more eyeballs are on his pizza company after customers and employees banded together to stand up against hate.

In a Facebook post that has been shared more than 900 times, AIDS Resource Center developer Joel Diaz detailed his dispiriting-then-inspiring encounter. To sum it up: Diaz and another man were holding hands and laughing together while standing in line at Mikey's PizzAssault Truck in the Short North when another customer turned around and demanded they "cut [the] gay s--t out." Long story short, everyone else present lept to Diaz's defense, from customers (gay and straight alike) to Mikey's employees, who refused to serve the cut-it-out dude.It sounds like a cool moment of banding together against hate. Surely we can treat each other with respect and dignity, right? Late Night Slice certainly thinks so; the company voiced appreciation for its employees, Diaz and the Short North community online Monday.

The story has isn't just generating buzz on Facebook. National information hubs The Daily Kos and Reddit have picked it up too. Nice work, people of Columbus.

UPDATE: Diaz wrote about his experience for The Huffington Post.