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Jen Borman is kind and funny, but her workouts will kick your ass. She maximizes her clients’ potential without pushing them over the limit. Want to find out? She currently offers personal training sessions out of her home studio and a weekly fitness class, Rock Hard Girls Club, designed for women. While she specializes in women, Borman also trains couples.

Borman recently earned a spot on the second season of “Fit or Flop,” a reality series looking to find America’s next best personal trainer. Borman’s knowledge and dedication are remarkable, but it’s her no-nonsense attitude combined with a sweet disposition that could win her the title.

I understand the female body and that's exactly why I train women. My clients know they are getting the best possible workout, one that’s specifically designed with the female body in mind. If they come to me twice a week, there are several other days where [they] should be doing something. So they receive an extremely personalized workout that is fun and result driven.

The great thing about the studio in my house is it’s perfect for that client who might not feel comfortable going to a gym. It can be intimidating. I’m a big advocate of teaching them what to do because they’re not going to have me forever. I instill confidence and knowledge so when they do go to the gym, they know what to do.

I recommend minimal equipment with exercises that can be done at home and really provide results. My workout method is unique, but easy enough for anyone to follow. Three sets of dumbbells (heavy, medium, light) and ankle weights, with towels for sliding, are the only equipment needed. My philosophy is simple: Sweat. Lift. Slide. Repeat.

For Rock Hard Girls Club classes I like to know how many people are coming so I can plan the workout accordingly. I have people RSVP with me [on my website]; just email me to sign up or hold a spot.

I will be appearing on the second season of “Fit or Flop,” an online reality series. They’re trying to get a network to pick it up right now. It’s set up like “American Idol” where you walk into the room and three judges give you a “fit” or a “flop.” You need two “fits” to pass on to the next round. I got a “fit” from each of the judges. I had to talk about my business and my brand, and what I would do with the prize of $150,000 marketing package. There are 50 other contestants. The first episode airs Jan. 23. March 6 the voting opens — because America decides who wins. Each week 10 contestants are eliminated, and the winner is announced in May.

I’m the perfect combination of tough and sweet. My clients like working out with me because they know they’re going to be pushed, but they don’t feel bad when they need a break. We’ll work each muscle group until almost complete failure. It’s about taking the client to where they don’t think they can do one more, and having them do five more. At the end of every workout I make my clients a smoothie for the ride home.

Music is a huge part of my workout method.  I believe that music makes you work out harder and longer. A new mix of "ghetto tech" (rock, rap and techno all rolled into one) is created every month.  I'm a huge fan of Girl Talk and DJ Godfather.

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Jen Borman

Age: 32

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Neighborhood: Canal Winchester

Day job: ISSA-certified personal trainer

Favorite food: sushi

Favorite celebrity trainer: Jillian Michaels

Favorite fitness technique: Tabata Interval Training

Favorite TV show: "Girls"

Favorite movie: "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

Rock Hard Girls Club

6:30-7:30 p.m. every Wednesday

German Village Society Meeting Haus

588 S. Third St., German Village


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