Two local Kickstarters kick ass

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Multivarious Games and Griffin Hollow Studio recently launched Kickstarter campaigns that deserve Columbus' support. While being completely different companies - Multivarious Games is in the video game development industry and Griffin Hollow Studio creates handmade wood and acrylic products from reclaimed materials - both are exciting startup businesses in our community.

Multivarious Games is currently developing a 2D shooter called "Dangerous" available through Xbox Live's online marketplace. The hand-drawn graphics (below) of "Dangerous" are designed by graduates of Columbus College of Art and Design and look vibrant and exciting. Read more about the games concept - it's also awesome - in an interview with Multivarious Games CEO Devin Moore. The Kickstarter offers varied levels of sponsorship with quality rewards at each. A $15 sponsorship will earn the full version of "Dangerous." See the Kickstarter page for full details.

Griffin Hollow Studio offers a host of custom, handmade products made by Alex Traxler using all reclaimed material - or up-cycling as Traxler calls it because he's creating something out of what is typically thought of as waste. Traxler is looking to upgrade Griffin Hollow Studio's most used equipment, including a new laser cutter. Supporters will receive some cool swag from the Kickstarter-exclusive line, Woody's Wooden and Acrylic Accessories. A sampling of the products is below. The Kickstarter page has the full details and line of merchandise.

Last but certainly not least, both Multivarious Games and Griffin Hollow Studio are hosting parties to celebrate their campaigns Thursday, April 4. And both are at two of the city's coolest bars - trust me, I've been to them all. The Multivarious Games event starts 6 p.m. at Seventh Son Brewery with Ajumama Food Truck on hand supplying eats. The Griffin Hollow Studio event is at 4th Street Bar & Grill and also begins at 6 p.m. Seventh Son and 4th Street are only a short hop from each other, so why not stop by both.