Things Lauren Kuntz Loves

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Lauren Kuntz is a graphic designer at Alive. These are a few of her favorite things.


Who doesn't love candles? I really like that The Candle Lab will let you pour your custom wax mix into any vessel that is at least 8 ounces for $1.75 an ounce. This old Atlas jar was picked up at a thrift store in Athens for three bucks and smells like a hazelnut cake with a little honeysuckle. The possibilities for jars and scents are endless. 

Baking cupcakes

Making cupcakes is always fun and creative. Getting people to eat them is never a challenge. I especially like trying off-the-wall recipes. Two of my favorites are root beer float (a chocolate root beer cake filled with root beer icing and topped with vanilla icing) and an old-fashioned (orange cake soaked with whiskey and topped with icing with hints of orange, whiskey and bitters). Next mini treat to be made: pina colada cupcakes. 


The best random-information, cute-pictures-of-animals and stupid-lists website out there. Bored? Laugh at what it was like to grow up in the ’90s. Hungry? Learn about cucamelons. Need a pick me up? Check out the shiba inu that might be part owl. Best of all, every post comes with witty commentary and GIFS — and everything is always better with GIFS.

Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog (the stuffed animal)

Cute. Cuddly. Closest thing I'll ever get to taxidermy. End of story. 

Jewelry display

My good friend Katie knows of my love for jewelry and typography, so she bought me this lovely display that combines both. It’s made from an old typesetter drawer that has small compartments for the various letters and ligatures used in printing. The different-sized compartments make it wonderful to display earrings, necklaces or random knickknacks. It also becomes a movable piece of art. You can find finished displays on Etsy, and they range from about $60 to $150; or if you spot a drawer at a flea market, you can DIY.

Six-pack Monday

Hanging out at a grocery store might not be on the top of your list of things to do on a Monday. However, the $5 beer tastings from 6-8 p.m. at the Dublin Whole Foods is totally worth it. As you wander through the store you get to sample six beers all paired with a small plate of food. It's a fun way to try new things and discover what you hate. As an added bonus, it’s also Growler Happy Hour, with $2 off a growler fill.