Things We Love: Rachael Gordon edition

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Rachael Gordon is a CD102.5 on-air personality and more. These are a few of her favorite things.


That's my absolute favorite, personally, as far as music festivals - probably because it's the cleanest, most well-organized and has the best lineup. I don't know how you get R. Kelly, ZZ Top and Dwight Yoakam on the same bill. … It'll be fun. I've only gone to Bonnaroo one year, but [CD102.5 has] sent people for the last four years, and when you go as media you get to stay on a tour bus. The media section is in the artists' section too, so you're interacting with the artists all weekend.

The Black Angels,Indigo Meadow

They're so spooky and sexy. I dig that sound so much. They never let me down. That show [Wednesday, April 17 at the Newport] was so good, too. I've followed them four or five years and seen them three times live. It's always better to see them in a venue like the Newport because it's dark and moody, and that's what they are.

My girl, Dolly Parton

She's absolutely everything I love about being a woman. She's smart, very, very funny, flirty yet sexy. She's strong and has her very own theme park. … Also, I want to shout-out Kara Jones at the radio station. If we had our way, that's all we'd play.

Japandroids, June 12, Newport Music Hall

Celebration Rock, their last album, was my favorite album of 2012, and this stop in Columbus to support that album is so long overdue. I tend to stand in the back at venues, because I'm older and wiser, and I don't want beer spilled on me. But I'll be in the pit for this concert. I'm so enamored with them.

My lipstick, MAC Lipstick

Anytime I go to the mall I stop by the MAC counter. It does a number to my wallet. It's worth it, though. Fifteen bucks a pop. I love the texture, and it lasts. They have the best red lipstick ever. It's called MAC Red, and they do really cool collections with celebrities.

Rachael Gordon


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