Things Nina West Loves

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Columbus Alive

Columbus’ Miss Congeniality Nina West (aka Super Drag Queen, Andrew Levitt) loves a lot of things: “my dogs, Edgar and Madison, my awesome parents, my drag family, Mikey’s Late Night Slice, pho, Weight Watchers (this is a love/hate) and running (also a love/hate).” And, duh, Columbus.

Jim Henson and the world ofThe Muppets

I don’t think there has been a greater inspiration in my life, so much to the point that I have gone on to create many of my own puppets and begun the framework for Nina’s Creature Shop. One day, maybe, there will be an Elmo and Nina duet?

Summer concerts

Can you beat Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z, fun., Tegan and Sara, Passion Pit, Mumford & Sons, Justin Bieber, Alabama Shakes all in a three-month span? This is just a sampling of the tickets I have in my pocket for summer 2013. Rock on.

Being shameless

If you follow me on Instagram (@ninawest) or Twitter (@ninawest) you have witnessed my complete inability to contain myself when someone of any note comes to town. I feel like I should be their welcome wagon and they should want to hang out and tell me all their dirty secrets. It hasn’t happened yet, but I am sure I will land a chat with someone. Bieber, can you hear me? And, in all of it, if I make someone smile, then it is all worth it.

Gravel from Jeni’s

As if I couldn’t love this ice cream any more, Jeni [Britton Bauer] introduces Gravel, delicious crunchy toppings to add to the already orgasmic experience of eating her ice cream. This is my guiltiest pleasure right now. And the Extra-Bitter Hot Fudge reminds me of my Grandma Peg’s homemade hot fudge. Perfect.

Duct tape

From the tuck to the tapering of the waist, I am not sure a drag queen has had a better friend — other than foundation. And powder. And wigs. But mainly duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape.

Nina West