Alive's Summer Bucket List

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

Summer ain't no time for to-do lists; as the song suggests, it should be easy livin'. But those three glorious (scratch that: hot and humid) months we call summer come and go as quickly as an August thunderstorm. Our deadline- (and booze-) addled minds don't remember much, but we do know how difficult it can be to wring maximum fun out of the summer. One moment you're planning a Memorial Day cookout and the next you're preparing for Buckeye football tailgating.

So, almost for our own benefit as much as yours, we've sent convention sailing down the Scioto on the Santa Maria and came up with our Ultimate Summer Bucket List. Presented here are 35 things we absolutely, positively, no-way-in-hell-are-we-gonna-miss-this-this-year must do this summer, you know, for ultimate fun. Because summer should always be ultimate. Some of our picks are tried-and-true, while others are simply things we've always meant to get around to, but never did. After all, sometimes the best times require a little (shudder) planning.