Summer Bucket List: Meghan's picks

Meghan Ralston, Columbus Alive

Take a weird sculptures self-guided tour

All around town, but Dublin is a hot spot

Most people have at least seen the concrete cornfield, a monument that was built with $70,000 in 1994. But have you seen the giant sculpture of three bunnies dancing on a hill? Do you know those bunnies are made of trash? Yup ... weird. Oh, and if you have time, check out the stone relief sculpture of Leather Lips, the chief who won't talk.

Pro-tip: Go at sunset or sunrise for the best view. Picnics are a nice addition to the adventure as well.

Go to the Dublin Irish Festival

At Dublin

I always say I'm going to go, but this year I need to make it happen. In addition to all the Irish stuff, they have these dogs that I really need to check out called Irish Glenn of Imaal terriers. They have the body of an Irish wolfhound and the legs of a terrier - this, I need to see.

Pro-tip: Go early in the day before the parking and the heat can get to be too much.

Try every flavor of Jeni's Ice Cream, allergies be damned!

At a Jeni's store or the supermarket

I try not to eat too much dairy, as it's one of my many, many allergies. But I think I need to make an exception and let this summer be the "Year of Jeni's," to make up for all the times I've passed on eating it. I think it'll make all of the local festivals that I go to much more enjoyable - and cool.

Pro-tip: Try all you like at the store, but you may want to reserve a few samplings for home. Too much ice cream at one time can be a bad thing, I hear.

Make my own popsicles

At my house, or your house I guess

Popsicles are expensive! And when I buy them from the store, I never really know what's in them. I like the idea of making my own popsicles because I can make them to suit my tastes and allergies. I usually do strawberry or chai and almond milk, but I want to branch out this year. Peach? Banana? Bacon? Nope, went too far.

Pro-tip: Buy cheap molds for your popsicles that are washable and reusable. If you make them often, this is a huge help.

Have a rainy day photo shoot

At Downtown

I love working Downtown. Especially when it's beautiful outside. But there is a certain feeling that Downtown gets in the middle of a hot summer storm. It has a unique smell to it, an odd mix of wet pavement and cut grass with a bit of aroma from the restaurants. I want to capture that this year, even if it means getting drenched.

Pro-tip: You can get a waterproof bag for your camera, which is the safest way to go on. If you're brave - or stupid - you can use a light stand with an umbrella on it to create your own insta-shelter.