Summer Bucket List: Brad's picks

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

Go to Dime-a-Dog night for the T-shirt

At Huntington Park

Sure, you can gorge on 10-cent hot dogs at the ballgame, but that's not even the best deal at the park that night.

Beloved hometown T-shirt purveyors Homage often sell their whimsical throwback Dime-a-Dog shirts for a cool $10. If you've ever worn one of their soft and comfy tees, you'll know that's a bargain.

Pro-tip: Save a few bucks and go with Standing Room Only seats. Half the fun is strolling around Huntington Park on game night.

Eat chicken wings from Ray Ray's

At Ace of Cups

The beloved barbecue food truck has taken up a more permanent residence inside Ace of Cups, and they're flapping their (chicken) wings six nights a week!

Wings are smoked, then flash-fried and served with a variety of sauces and dry rubs - perfect finger food for Ace of Cups' summer patio weather.

Pro-tip: Ray Ray's wings come in one-pound orders (eight-nine meaty bones). Bring some friends so you can sample different varieties.

Watch the NHL Draft

At R Bar

Summer doesn't make you think of hockey? Well, this year's amateur draft might change that. The Blue Jackets have three, count 'em, three picks in the first round. Oh, and new GM Jarmo Kekalainen is a known master at finding good value picks in the draft.

Enjoy the draft with some drafts of your own at the best hockey bar in town, R Bar.

Pro-tip: Bring along a cheat sheet of the top hockey prospects and make a drinking game out of trying to pronounce their names!

Play in the fountains

At Bicentennial Park

The most jaw-dropping part of Bicentennial Park has to be the Scioto Mile Fountain. I'm always hoping to find it kid-free so I can splash around there myself.

Pro-Tip: Giving out-of-town visitors the downtown tour? Walk the length of Bicentennial Park and then cross Broad to show them the Santa Maria and the Arnold Schwarzenegger statue.

Take a summer drive for an amazing meal

At Veritas Tavern

Delaware's Veritas Tavern is a haven for serious diners with its playful take on molecular gastronomy and a menu focused on sharable small plates.

On a beautiful summer night with the windows down, the drive for Downtowners will seem like a breeze. And if you're not the designated driver, make sure you try a couple of their delightful cocktails, too.

Pro-tip: Four or five small plates make for an ideal meal for two - but the more people you bring, the more plates you get to try on Veritas' ever-changing menu. Just roll with the adventure.