For the Love of Bikes: Bike Safety

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

In a deluge of motorists, it's awfully tempting to take your skinny two-wheeler and zoom by vehicles, run through the occasional red light and maybe even pursue the sidewalk route. You know what I'm going to say next: Don't.

Patience and focus is essential when riding on the road. Columbus' Department of Public Service has several rules of the road for cyclists on its website, largely stating that cyclists must ride on the street as if they were motor vehicles.

Big things to remember in order to avoid a ride to the hospital: Wear a properly fitting helmet and ride predictably. The former's an absolute no-brainer - a helmet is a must. Additionally, by letting vehicles around you know exactly which direction you intend to go, you're placed in a safe position on the road. Using hand motions will help, too.

Night riders ought to dress in highlighting colors and attach a headlight and a taillight to their bicycles.

Above all, it's crucial that your bike is in working order. This shouldn't be too much of a problem; there are bike shops all over Columbus with tune-up packages.