For the Love of Bikes: Bike Theft Prevention

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Now that you've arrived at "Point B," it's time to park the bicycle. A variety of methods exist to lock up your ride, but U-locks are by far the most tried and true method.

Dan Monnig, owner of Paradise Garage, said it's important to lock your bike at a bike rack or in a designated bike parking area. Any lock can be easily removed from wood posts and fences, giving thieves plenty of time to break the bike lock.

"You want to make sure that everything on it that can be stolen easily has some lock on it," Monnig said.

Other popular bike locks include chain and cable locks. Chains are often too heavy and exhibit easily-breakable locks. Cable locks, although easiest to transport, may not be the best idea either.

"Cheap cable locks are really, really easy to cut," Monnig said.

It's also important to keep in mind the amount of time you're giving a potential bike thief to steal your ride by locking up your bike outside overnight.

"It really just comes down to common sense whenever you lock your bike," Monnig said.