Things We Love: Intern Matthew Lovett edition

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Double-Capp from Café Brioso

Café Brioso has always been my favorite spot in Columbus, being the first place to tip me off to specialty coffee. I go several times a week, and at this point I’ve tried every espresso drink on the menu. I’ve found that their cappuccino — with two shots, mind you — is the finest capp around. Whether I’m looking for an eye-opener to start the day or to maintain that fantastic, over-caffeinated twitch, I think Brioso.

Arrogant Bastard on draft

I’ve been a legal drinker for a month now, so obviously I have quite the seasoned beer palate. Arrogant Bastard is currently at the top of my favorite beer list, right above Natural Light. Although I love rocking the over-sized bottle with the gnarly horned, muscular beast spanning the front, the beer is, naturally, better on draft.

Titus Andronicus

The last time Titus Andronicus did a headlining gig in Columbus was at The Summit in the summer of 2011. The band plowed through a signature set of songs at the show, encapsulating both the band’s sense of empowerment and disenchantment. Since then, Titus has released a new record, Local Business, which would seem to indicate a supporting tour rolling through somewhere in Ohio, but that show is long overdue.

Cornerstone Deli Cafe in Clintonville

Do bagel nuts exist? I must be one, because something about circular bread in diverse flavors always makes me salivate. Columbus doesn’t have many options for getting this savory favorite baked fresh, but Clintonville’s Cornerstone Deli Café is a great source for bagels. Cornerstone can put far more than just schmear on it, too — any of the cafe’s sandwiches can be made with a toasted bagel bun. I recommend the Lox, Stox and Bagel.

Pistacia Vera

The taste and quality of Pistacia Vera’s baked goods is no mystery. Its macaron is the signature treat, but the rest of its pastries (namely the pistachio twists) hold great experiences for the taste buds as well. Pistacia Vera’s atmosphere may be just as enjoyable as the food; there are few things more delightful than sitting outside the shop with a cup of its specially roasted coffee and a pastry.