Cover: ComFest Scavenger Hunt

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

ComFest is a wonderful place to do some people watching and see weird stuff. See if you can track down everything on this list.

Funky-colored boat shoes

Must be pink, green, blue or any shade of neon. No brown.

People bitching about the new mugs

Beer lines are a good place to start.

Long-hair pony tail with bald spot

Dads love Comfest too.

Painted boobs

Pretty hard to miss.

A hippie so stinky people move away

Patchouli + B.O. = ugh.

Devil sticks

Bonus points if you take one, throw it and say, “Get a real hobby.”

Watch a Gazebo Stage set

It’s worth it.

A big snake

The reptilian kind, perverts.

Talk to an art car person

They are awesome!

Sweaty, hairy shoulders

Touch at your own risk.

Hot dog

The animal or food.

Creepy kid

He may or may not like turtles.

Short potty line

Good luck.

Used Q-Tip

Easier to find than a short potty line.

Someone people-watching and snarkingly judging

I’ll be there Friday and Sunday.

Magic foodstuffs

More cops means less smoking.

Plastic cutlery

I never find any, can you?

Person Tweeting/texting/Facebook posting at Offramp Stage

Brad Keefe in the house?

Hippie with basketball skills

Hey, Bill Walton did it.

Giant concrete wedding cake

Hint: It has elephants on top of it.