Things We Love: Lauren Kuntz edition

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

1. On-the-go snacks

There are a lot of gross sports snacks, so when riding long distances I need something tasty to keep me going. I'll usually pack a bag of dried fruit and nuts but I love Honey Stinger Energy Chews and Waffles. Both are organic, tasty and use honey to give you that needed burst of energy. I also like to add Nuun to my water bottle; it adds electrolytes and a light flavor to the water.

2. Dispatch Pelotonia jersey

This is my first year riding in Pelotonia; it took a lot of time and baked goods to reach my goal, but I'm proud to be wearing this jersey on Saturday. I really love the blending of the two brands (green for Pelotonia and the blue of the Dispatch) and the iconic Dispatch sign. For anyone riding, good luck and have fun!

3. Helmet Bow

The only reason I own this is because it is cute; sure it's reflective, but looking cute in bike gear takes some accessorizing.

4. KT tape

I'm sure you have seen athletes with that weird, colored tape on their shoulder or knee; well that stuff is an elastic therapeutic tape. When KT tape is applied it can provide stability and support and can also relieve pressure and increase circulation to an area. I use it for my hands and wrist. When I ride, my fingers go numb, and my hands are the first thing to hurt. When I tape my hands for carpal tunnel relief, it helps relieve some of the pain.

5. Camelbak Podium chill water bottles

These are the only water bottles I use. The double-wall construction keeps water cold twice as long, and it has a wide-mouth opening that's easy to fill with ice and to clean - and they're the easiest to squeeze and drink from.

6. Scenery

Whether you're training for a long ride or just want to enjoy the perfect summer weather, there are lots of scenic trails and roads in Ohio. Check out for maps and suggestions.