Back to School: 100 things to do before you graduate

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

Man, back to school. Sucks, right? Maybe not, at least after you read our curated list of awesome stuff to do in Columbus. Like ziplining. Did you know the city's first zipline course opened a year ago, and it's off High Street just near Worthington? Or how about skiing? Maybe playing a game of discgolf atop a dam is more your thing? Rock climbing without leaving Downtown? Yup, Columbus has that, too. Books more your style of adventure? We have the country's best library system. And the country's longest continually running rock club in Newport Music Hall.

Look, the point is, it's easy to rarely leave the bubble that is Campus. But you shouldn't fall into that trap, not when there's so much amazing happening just outside those walls. Maybe then you'll understand why so many OSU students stick around after graduation.

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