Back to School: Before-You-Graduate: Campus Style

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

While there's much to do off campus to whet your graduating appetite, we're certain one of the largest campus in the nation is not without its own entertainment.

And while we're sure you're familiar with OSU's provided entertainment through its activities board, we encourage you to step outside the Block O-Shaped Box and check out the less-known, less-thought-of things to do during your last year.

1.Decorate your digs for the Christmas competition

The annual campus-wide Light up the Night competition is popular along Greek Street, but any house can compete. Sign up, raid Odd Lots for some cheap decoration and see how y do.

2.See the ghosts ofOSU

During the annual Haunted Ohio State Walking Tour, hear chilling tales about the ghosts that haunt OSU on the daily. Datesand timesvary every year.

3.Get cultured on the cheap

Get discounts on theater and musical productions,or sit in on various free lectures by visiting entertainers, professors and the like. We see your eye rolls. ive it a chance. After all, college isn't only supposed to open your eyes to the multi-faceted ways one can vomit liquor.

4. Hang out at OSU'sDowntownrooftop garden

50 W. Town St. Suite 130


What's sweeter than seeing Howlett Hall's (2001 Fyffe Rd.) brand-spankin'-new 12,000-square-foot rooftop garden on campus? Seeing OSU's Urban Arts Space's rooftop garden, and the city view, atop Downtown's Lazarus Building. Tours start at UAS.

5.Nosh some high-class grub atThe Blackwell

2110 Tuttle Park Place


OSU's prestigious inn is home to high-class eatery Bistro 2110. Dazzle your date withoptions like garlic chili grilled tilapia Pulled Chicken Sliders and the like are offered, in case you left your bourgeois taste at home.

6. Ortry semi-high-class grubthat's cheaper

Hosted by OSU's hospitality management students, Viewpoint Bistro, 1849 Cannon Dr., features a variety of decent and decently priced food. Or you can go for the view: The eatery oversees the beautiful, flowing Olentangy River (Did you giggle? We did).

7.Sniff the Corpse Flower

332 W. 12th Ave., Campus

614 292-7904

Come springtime, take a break from your usual foul-smelling plant-based hobby (yeah, you know what we mean) and check out ampus' 5-foot-tall, 25-poundcorpse flower, Maudine, which has singed the nose hairs of many a patron with its rotting flesh smell when in (rare and quickbloom.If you're lucky, you might just get a whiff.

8.Join in on the Frenzy


337 W. 17th Ave., Campus

Noon-5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug 20

Use the Buck-i-Frenzy 2013 as a throwback to your desperate freshman days, where you attended large free-food-and-fun events to score friends before flashbacks of high school social life became the norm (just us?).

9. Attend graduation rehearsal

OSU knows eating Waffle House to ease a hangover sounds better than sitting in blazing heat in a trash bag ensemble. That's why, post-rehearsal, all-you-can-eat, free grill-out food and outdoor games await you. Bonus benefit: You won't be "that guy" who gets your line lost when walking to the Shoe