Staff Pick: Bike the Cbus a gateway to endless fun

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

When I'm pedaling around Clintonville just for the hell of it, I feel like I'm getting away with something. Like, I'm a grown adult, what business do I have aimlessly riding my bike with the glee of a small child? Grown-ups shouldn't havefun. Harrumph.

A friend who's recently joined me on these rides was struck by a similar feeling, and yet he's sometimes leery to join in on longer rides through the city, especially on busier streets. Which, fair enough. To him (and you), I'd recommend slowing your roll with the sixth annual Bike the Cbus, taking place Saturday.

The entire ride covers about 25-30 miles, which, OK, seems daunting, but it's set up in chunks, so riders can drop out at various points, and you'll be flanked by other riders, which ups the safety factor.

The real appeal here, though, is the way this casual ride features up-close looks at 'hoods like Olde Towne East, Italian Village, Franklinton and the Brewery District (to name a few) and the changes occurring in those communities. Oh yea, plus swag (a sweet T-shirt) and snacks and drinks are provided.

Bike the Cbus

8 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 31

Starting at Lincoln Theatre

769 E. Long St., King-Lincoln District