The List: Top 10 Ohio State football scandals

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Buckeyes fans are particularly excited about the upcoming season. Ohio State has a legitimate shot a going undefeated and/or making the BCS National Championship game. But that's nothing new. What is (relatively) new is the football program coming off a scandal, one that erased wins, striped titles and forced the 2012 squad to miss bowl season despite going 12-0. In honor of moving past past discretions, here's a rundown of the Buckeye biggest scandals.

10. Lydell Ross suspended for strip club "incident"

The senior tailback was suspended for being "investigated" by police after allegedly using fake in-house currency at a Columbus strip club. Ross was eventually cleared by CPD. Isn't the real scandal here that strip clubs aren't using actual dollar bills? Takes the fun out of makin' it rain.

9. Cris Carter's secret agent signing

A much cooler "scandal" would have been Carter signing with the feds as a secret agent. "All he does is catch terrorists"? Despite this moment of disgrace leading to a 6-4-1 record in 1987 and Earle Bruce's firing afterwards, Carter redeemed himself recently with a sincere apology to Buckeyes fans. Ahem, Terrelle.

8. Urban Meyer-Aaron Hernandez

Perpetual sports scandal-baiter ESPN treats the NFL as a sacred cow (because it's a cash cow), so we're preemptively guessing they will seize on the minor Urban Meyer angle in Rolling Stone's piece about the tight end now accused of murder. (Meyer is fair game now that he's out of ESPN's precious SEC, too.)

7. Steve Bellisari gets DUI

Two days before Senior Day, Bellsari gets popped with a blood-alcoholof .22. Bellsari was never a fan favorite, but why couldn't he wait until after throwing three interceptions in a loss to Illinois to get hammered? Oh well, it led to Craig Krenzel beating Michigan in his first start and a national championship the following year.

6. Bo bolts for the bozos in blue

This Benedict Arnold move further proves nothing good comes from Michigan. To stand a chance at competing with the Bucks, That Team must resort to stealing Ohio's best talents. See also: Charles Woodson.

5.The Ballad of Maurice Clarett

Looking to throw away your promising future? Try falsely claiming stolen property to the police, accepting $20,000 in special benefits, signing early with an agent (and therefore ceding NCAA eligibility) only to be denied early entry into the NFL draft, passing up guaranteed money for an incentive-based NFL deal when you're out of shape, racking up $1 million in legal debt, getting indicted for robbery and driving around with a loaded AK-47 and an open bottle of Grey Goose.

4.Art Schilichter

Wikipedia: "Arthur Ernest Schlichter (born April 25, 1960) is a retired college and professional American football quarterback, known for his compulsive gambling and the legal problems that arose from it. His surname is pronounced 'Sh-LEES-tuhr.'"

3. Woody Hayes fired for punching Clemson player

To be fair, it was really more of a close-line than a punch. And the guy kind of had it coming.

2. John Cooper's Michigan record

You want scandal in Buckeye nation? How about the scandalous decision by Cooper to not motivate his team to show up for the biggest game on the schedule year after year. Friggin' 2-10-1, people. Never forget.


Who would have thought a few players trading memorabilia for tattoos would spiral into Jim Tressel's ouster, an entire dream season down the drain and another dream season cut short?