Things We Love: Ohio State football edition

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

I love Ohio State football. Radical stance, I know. Here are five things I love about it, besides the obvious thrills involved with watching tremendous athletes pushing their bodies to nature-defying feats and working together to overcome the odds. (Or, in the Buckeyes' case, working together to confirm the odds. Cause OSU is usually favored, see?)

Skull sessions

Love 'em! The marching band roars into St. John Arena in what is technically a rehearsal for the day's performance but feels like an event unto itself. It's extra special when your father-in-law is a lifelong band director and an alumnus of TBDBITL. I just hope they'll be as much of a rush when OSU foolishly tears down St. John Arena.

Neighborly solidarity in the face of nationwide derision

To borrow a phrase from English soccer: "No one likes us! We don't care!"

Marching band high-stepping

More band fanfare here: You hear that drumroll and see the unit swiftly overtaking the territory, knees exceptionally high. Out front, there's the drum major, feet flying skyward, hopping and skipping like an exceptionally dandy Deion Sanders. Eventually, he leans aaaaaaaalllllllllll the way back until he can touch his comically oversized hat to the turf, at which point: More high-stepping. And when the band returns to the field for Script Ohio at halftime, and the sousaphone player steps up to dot the i? More high-stepping! Step on, steppers.

Walking through Campus on gameday

The electricity is beyond compare when strolling the streets of Columbus past crummy campus houses, bustling bars and thousands of scarlet-and-grey-clad partisans.

Egging on the Buckeye backlash people

There's such a thing as righteous concern about overzealous Buckeye culture. No visiting fans should have to fear for their lives, and it's pretty obnoxious when touring musicians turn to "O-H!" pandering. But don't throw out the baby with the bathwater, haters. (And please, PLEASE shut up while the game's on.) Go Bucks!