Things We Love: Anthony Precourt edition

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive


Interview by Justin McIntosh

Family and friends

I'm a family man. My wife and kids are first in my life. I'm excited for them to experience the Columbus Crew with me. They're watching the game from home right now, and they're super fired up. They have the jerseys, both my boys rock the flat brims on [Crew] hats. It's so funny because when I was growing up, shaping your hat was so cool and important, and now they leave the bill flat and the tags on them.

Major League Soccer and the Crew

I'm all in. We're watching games every weekend, all day. I've sort of been deep in this for 18 months now, studying MLS. The family's a big part of it. I brought a [Crew] jersey home, and my son was like, “I don't like the color.” (laughs) I've been getting feedback [from my kids] on the kits and the players. MLS is consuming me every night. I haven't been sleeping well lately; I have a million things on my mind with soccer. [MLS is] at a big tipping point with [Clint] Dempsey in the league, Landon [Donovan] resigning, more expansion's coming with New York, we've got a media package coming together with MLS.

Getting outside, fishing and skiing

I grew up in Colorado, and the family pastime was to load the Suburban up at 5:30 p.m. Friday and head to the mountains. Winters I grew up skiing Vale and summers, hiking and camping and being outdoors. It's very important to me to be active in the outdoors and get my mind clear. I go to Tahoe, Colorado – I'm very open-minded. I'm looking forward to learning more about what to do in Ohio on the weekends, and I'm looking for fishing recommendations. I play some golf, too, and can't wait to hit the golf courses here.


I've always had a wanderlust. I grew up in Denver, went to high school in Connecticut, college in California, then after college lived in Texas, then grad school on the East Coast in New Hampshire, then I moved to San Francisco, and now I'm involved with the Crew in Ohio. I'm never afraid to move around. My family loves to travel, too. My wife's 100 percent Polish, and we travel back to see her family in Warsaw every summer. I've been to 48 of the 50 states, and it's been that way since college. I need to cross those last two off my list and get to Alabama and North Dakota. We love to travel abroad too. One thing I haven't done is go to a soccer game abroad. That's the top of the list. I always go [to Europe] in the summer, so the European leagues are out. It's hard to [go to Europe] when the kids are in school.


I'm kind of stuck in my old ways. I grew up on classic rock: The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, the Stones, Zeppelin. Then I gravitated to Widespread Panic and Phish and Blues Traveler. I listen to Lyle Lovett a lot and hip-hop and country-western. I love it all. I'd say it's a pretty broad, but not-that-deep iTunes playlist. My kids are cranking a lot of Pitbull at home and Ke$ha and things like that, I'm not too proud to say (laughs). I grew up going to Red Rocks, and I just saw the Rolling Stones a few months ago. They're still awesome. I was blown away by how good they were. I've seen them five times; the first time was in ’89 at the L.A. [Memorial] Coliseum. [Guns 'N' Roses'] Appetite for Destruction is my all-time favorite album.