The List: Top 10 kids

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Columbus Alive

With Kid Cudi coming to the LC Pavilion Tuesday, we got to thinking about our favorite kids. Yeah, kids can suck — especially the bratty kind — but these 10 are downright cool. All right some of them are weird, but most kids are.

10. “Kid Icarus”

This classic old-school Nintendo game dared us all to fly a little closer to the sun. Also, shoot arrows at stuff.

9. The Sundance Kid

As the dead-eye shot half of the iconic duo, Sundance (Robert Redford) was muscle to Butch’s (Paul Newman) brains (and mouth). If there’s one thing Sundance taught us, it’s never go to Bolivia.

8. Kid from Kid ’N Play

A child from the ’80s could (and should) spend all day going down the Kid ’N Play rabbit hole on YouTube. From reliving the funky clothes and fresh rhymes to, of course, that righteous-ass hi-top fade, there’s plenty to enjoy. The biggest take-away, though, is the need for more dance-offs at house parties.

7. The Say Hey Kid

One could make a compelling argument that Willie Mays was the best all-around baseball player ever. Whatever the case, no one would say Mays didn’t have the greatest nickname in baseball.

6. Garbage Pail Kids

You know what’s really missing from the Aughts? Full-on gross-out humor with a pop culture twist ala the Garbage Pail Kids. Think of the possibilities that exist today: Molly Cyrus, Angry Terds, Lindsay Lohan.

5. “The Karate Kid”

Let's forget about that Jaden Smith/Jackie Chan remake nonsense, shall we? Was there a more “Oh no, he didn't” moment in any ’80s teen flick than “Sweep the leg, Johnny”?

4. “Kids”

Sure, this is a hard movie to watch. But it’s also a scarily accurate portrayal of America’s don’t-give-a-f--- youth. “Kids” is an amazing film that will keep moms up at night for generations.

3. Billy the Kid

He was born William H. Bonney. He died the most feared man in the West. What more do you need?

2.Kid A

Radiohead followed up the massive success of OK Computer with a dense electronica album not exactly full of radio-friendly pop songs. In other words, Radiohead being Radiohead.

1. The Kid from “Purple Rain”

Prince's self-indulgent “Purple Rain” is a cult classic — a mix of cheese, legit moments of family drama and that kickass soundtrack. The lead character was clearly autobiographical, but in the movie he's just known as "The Kid."