Things We Love: Independents' Day edition

Alexis Perrone, Columbus Alive

To become the captain of Independents' Day you must be a determined, passionate leader who is more than a little crazy. It's also a job that depends on the work of countless volunteers to make it all come together. These are some things I love that could not be possible without their help.

The New Bomb Turks

When these guys take the stage I'm DONE being captain. Someone else will need to take charge because I'll be busy singing along to tunes from!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! and resisting the urge to mosh like I did in my fearless youth.

Nina West

Girl, I love you. Seriously, Nina is a philanthropist, entertainer and a hell of a dresser. Friday night on Pearl Alley just got hotter.

Local film

This year we debut film at Independents' Day in a big way. Selections from Ohio-made short films, local short films and the kick off to FFOCL are showing all day on Saturday. Take the popcorn. Leave the 3D glasses.

The Coop

You may have your turducken tacos and yak burgers; this vegetarian is getting down with some plantain curry. Perfectly cooked rice, sweet but not too sweet plantains and a curry sauce that so good it's hard to believe it's from "just a food truck."

Cafe Brioso Coffee

The best part of setting up is Brioso in your cup! For the past six years this has been the official drink of the set-up crew on Saturday EARLY morning. Thanks to the crew at Brioso for delivering vats of much-needed coffee to weary volunteers.

Alexis Perrone

Independents' Day captain