Comic Con preview: Four questions for Sheamus

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

It should come as no surprise that although he is nursing a serious torn labrum injury that is keeping him off the mats until next year, Sheamus is working hard. The Irish warrior (the first Irish-born WWE champion, P.S.) has earned his reputation as one of the fiercest competitors in the WWE, and he also appears to be a fierce competitor when it comes to enjoying himself.

It's nice to see red rage kick back a little bit, and you can see all 272 pounds of Celtic charm on full display at this weekend's Wizard World Comic Con. Sheamus is hanging out for a panel discussion and autographs on Saturday.

As you consider what questions to ask him (and you can ask them... Sheamus is a face now for a reason) don't worry about the following inquiries. We've got you covered.

Alive: Why make the Brogue Kick your finisher?

Sheamus: I had been trying all these complicated, intricate moves and then I thought, "What is the most effective way to take somebody out?" And it was a kick to the face. Simple but effective. And I can do it anywhere on anybody.

A: Who has become your favorite WWE champion to face in the ring?

S: Daniel Bryan. We have a lot of history together. ... He is the toughest competitor I've ever faced. He fights to the end and has such a big heart.

A: I love that when the WWE and Mattel made your action figure they had to take some extra time replicating your pale skin. Being a redhead has really become a trademark for you. What do you think of the rumors that redheads will be extinct soon?

S: Redheads are as strong as they have ever been. I was just in Ireland for two weeks and there were gingers running around all over the place. Now more than ever I'm proud to be a ginger. It's something that makes us different and makes us special. ... When I first came over [to the States to wrestle] I was concerned about being pale and would fake tan. Then I was like, "What am I doing?" This makes me unique. All gingers should check out the Twitter account Ginger Problems.

A: If you could be a sidekick for Batman or Superman, who would you choose?

S: Batman. I've never really been a big fan of Superman. Batman's got a lot of conflict going on - he's a great character. He has no super powers. He's just like everyone else.