Things We Love: Lauren McMullen edition

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

My “Sex and the City: The Complete Series” (Collector’s Gift set)

I love this series, and I even loved the first movie. I guess you could consider me a “Charlotte,” but secretly don’t we all want to be a “Carrie?” Within three seconds I can tell you the plot of each episode, and I can quote lines verbatim. It’s a sickness…


Not much explanation here … who doesn’t love bulk purchases? Twenty pounds of chicken —DONE! A year’s worth of trash bags — SIGN ME UP! A vat of hummus — NO BRAINER!


I have my wonderful hairstylist to thank for the introduction of this line of products. Moroccanoil is a necessity for those of us who must rely on any sort of heat-related styling tool. Without it, my hair would have ridiculous split ends and FRIZZ — and that’s not cool.

Eddie, the Goldendoodle

This dog is quite possibly the craziest dog I’ve ever met. For the first two months that my boyfriend Patrick and I were dating, Eddie would not fetch tennis balls that I threw for him. He hates the Empire Carpet commercials and whines when one is on the TV. He would eat dryer sheets and tissues if we would let him — we obviously do not let him, but he is one sneaky son-of-a-gun. I could go on, but they won’t let me have a full page devoted to this “special” dog.

The Dingle Peninsula

I still can’t say it out loud without giggling a little, but this corner of Ireland is home to the most ruggedly beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. Craggy cliffs, bright green pastures lined with stone and idyllic cottages transport you back to a simpler time. In your travels, mark this as a MUST SEE.