Staff Pick: Take this as you will, but Fall Flea's probably the hippest flea market you'll ever attend

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The cliché about one man’s junk being another’s treasure doesn’t really hold up at the Fall Flea. Sure, “junk” and “treasure” are relative terms, but the wares for sale at this quarterly event are much more curated than at, say, the flea market I grew up with in Marietta (the Rinky-Dink Flea Market, which is as wonderful/awful as it sounds). At this flea, objects of your desire will likely include handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, records, re-purposed furniture, antiques and artwork. And even if you walk away without a single purchase, you’ll likely leave with a full belly (from food trucks That Food Truck, Freedom a la Cart, J-Pops gourmet ice pops), a boozy head (Seventh Son beer, duh) and a rattlin’ rumpshaker (from groovin’ dance tunes spun by an on-site DJ). It’s really, probably, the hippest flea market you’ll ever attend.

Seventh Son Brewing

11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 6

1101 N. 4th St., Italian Village