Things We Love: Brandon Dubinsky edition

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Brandon Dubinsky is a center for the Columbus Blue Jackets. These are a few of his favorite things.

Blue Jackets fans

(Columbus) is a sports city. People are passionate about their sports teams, and they're knowledgeable fans. When things are going well on the ice, they get loud and energize the place and push the team.

House music

I listen to a lot of house music and dance and techno. Some of my favorites are Avicii, Calvin Harris - not so much Tiesto any more.


It's right by the rink, and Sam behind the sushi bar always takes good care of us, leaves it open a little later for us sometimes. It's one of my favorite sushi spots.


I play a lot of golf, and Double Eagle and Muirfield are two of my favorite courses. I joined Muirfield this past year, and with (Jackets majority owner John P.) McConnell owning Double Eagle, he lets us go out there and play. Both pose different challenges so they're both fun courses to play.

"Grand Theft Auto V"

I know many parents out there wouldn't let their children have it, and I probably wouldn't let mine have it either. But it's quite entertaining and quite addicting.

Visiting Alaska in the summer

I really enjoy going home in the summer time when the weather's nice. The sun never sets. It's light out until 2 or 3 in the morning. It just feels like an endless summer day.