Staff Pick: Ohio Zombie Run will make a runner out of just about anyone

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

When I tell people I'm a runner they often respond that they, quite simply, are not. Add zombies and I bet that changes.

Mud runs over and through and around obstacles are all the rage these days, as are the rotting undead (zombie pun!), so it's no surprise a zombie run is here.

I've yet to participate in one, but this 5K is likely to change that. Before the race, runners are given a life (er, flag) belt similar to flag football.

Throughout the race, zombies (creeping and running) will try to take your flags and eat you alive (or just take your flags). If you run out of your flags, you're dead (but not really).

You simply continue the race but "without your brains," and after finishing you'll be turned into a zombie.

All finishers receive a medal, and an apocalyptic party will be held afterwards, which, I'm guessing, involves zombie burgers. Hmmm.

Alum Creek Beach

Saturday, Oct. 12

3400 Lewis Center Rd., Lewis Center