Things We Love: Mister Shifter edition

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE AN ALIVE ROCKTOBERFEST PARTY BECAUSE AN ALIVE ROCKTOBERFEST PARTY DON’T STOP! OK, it’ll totally end at some point, but Mister Shifter’s booty poppin’ deejaying to close out the night will ensure you won’t want it to. Here’s a few of his favorite things (outside of making booties pop).

Ohio Brewed Beer

I tried to pick just one, I really did. Columbus Brewing Company's IPA rivals most in the country, and Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter might be the best porter in a bottle, as far as I'm concerned. Bottom line, Ohio is a great place to be if you love beer, and I try to take advantage as much as possible.

NFL Red Zone Channel

My biggest obsession, other than music, is most certainly fantasy football. I'm the commissioner of a 10-team keeper league called “The Stakes Is High League,” and every Sunday you'll find me glued to the Red Zone channel rooting my team to victory. The Red Zone Channel shows you every game, with Scott Hanson's dulcet tones narrating the action. My dreams are usually crushed by the Bengals in the first round of the playoffs, but thankfully, fantasy football offers some semblance of gridiron victory.

“The Last of Us” (Playstation 3 game)

I've been a video game junkie ever since my first NES system in the early ’80s. There have only been a handful of games that I really reminisce over, years after finishing them. This will certainly be one of them. It's epic in every way and nearly without fault. The narrative stuck with me long after it was over. I can't recall a better game in recent years, as this post-apocalyptic tale delivered mightily.

“Game of Thrones”

Aside from the first few seasons of “Lost,” I can't remember the last time a show sucked me in so much. HBO certainly hit on all levels with this one: writing, casting, directing — all top-shelf. I really love the water-cooler moments it's brought over the first few seasons. Winter is coming, literally, and with it Season 4. HURRY UP!

Hiking & camping

 I made a pact with a few close friends to visit a different National Park or outdoor destination every year. We just finished a five-day stay in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. The times spent on these trips rival nearly any night at a bar and provide long-lasting memories and bonds that pass the test of time. Getting back to your campsite after a long day on the trails and cracking open a cold beer, it doesn't get much better.