Things We Love: Abernathy Miller edition

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The only thing better than an all-out audio/visual sensory assault dance party is an audio/video sensory assault dance party brought to you by Jawas. Since the first time I saw RoeVy in all their hooded glory at Circus, I was totally hooked. When friends visit Columbus from out of town, I insist they drink an obscene amount of cheap vodka and shake it to some heavy bass presented by the Wonder Twins of Columbus electro all night.

Terry Richardson

There is something about Terry Richardson’s amateur aesthetic and unapologetic nature that make his photographs my visual cocaine. He is able to make larger-than-life industry icons like Kate Moss and Lady Gaga seem totally boring and random street signs or empty food counters seem totally meaningful. Not to mention, he looks like a John Waters movie character, and totally owns it.

CD 102.5’s Independent Playground

I first started listening to Tom Butler and (then) Rudy G.’s expertly curated indie radio show in high school, and it basically solidified my reputation as the most informed indie music snob in the junior class. OK, so I only graduated with 43 other people, but feeling as though I was the “I knew them before they were cool” kid was pretty legit. Plus, if it weren’t for the Independent Playground, I wouldn’t be able to make inappropriate McLusky references all day… “Note to self…be erect by half past 10…”

Cat Marnell

When it comes to train wrecks, I can’t help but stop and stare. That is why I love Cat Marnell. The beauty editor-turned-drug addict-turned-Vice Columnist-turned autobiographer is the quintessential New York trust fund tragedy. But beyond that, she can actually write a decent story. Rolling Stone refers to her as the “hot Bukowski” after her drug-riddled memoirs and beauty tips made her’s resident anti-hero blogger and Vice Magazine’s most popular columnist. She is my spirit animal.

Olde Towne East

Since I moved to Columbus for college a million years ago, I have lived in several of the capital city’s neighborhoods. However, my all-time favorite enclave is Olde Towne East. It is simultaneously slightly gritty and classically elegant. And it just so happens to be my new stomping ground. So if you’re in the neighborhood, let’s party.


Credit: Alive file photo

Tom Butler

Credit: Courtesy of Tom Butler

Cat Marnell

Credit: Courtesy of Cat Marnell

Terry Richardson

Credit: Mark Fisher photo