Things We Love: Brittany Baum of Brezel edition

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

Brittany Baum is the owner of Brezel, a gourmet pretzel shop in the North Market. She got the idea for the pretzel shop during a trip to Germany with her husband, Tim. These are a few of her favorite things.

Spicy Avocado & Almond Roll from Lemongrass

It's the best vegetarian sushi roll I've ever tasted; spicy with the perfect amount of crunch.

Taking vacations where I have no cell phone service

The only real way to unplug is to be someplace I can't access my phone easily. I can't self-impose it very well. My husband and I like to travel, and we've been to lots of places, luckily. We went to this island in the Mediterranean, it was the southern closest island to Africa, and you have to take a ferry. There's not much on it but water and beaches. We rode bikes. We've been to Germany a few times, and that's where the idea of the business was born.

Andy Johnson at Long Street Collective

[I love] Andy's mastery of intricate black and white tattoos. Andy is currently working on a pretzel sleeve for me. I just discovered him recently from one of my employees who told me about him because I was trying to find someone who does nice black and white. I already have [the sleeve] started.

Hot Bollywood Dog at Dirty Frank's

We were supposed to go to Dirty Frank's [the other] night and I was sick, and I sent [my husband] a text to see if he could get a Hot Bollywood to go for me. Every time I go in there I always get at least one dog and sometimes two. The Hot Bollywood is standard and sometimes I'll try something else. It's kind of like combining the love of Indian food with hot dogs, which sounds kind of strange. I like that they offer everything vegetarian or vegan because I'm vegetarian and it's nice to get good food. They don't skimp on anything because you're vegetarian.

Garage parking and heated seats for these cold months

I'm not a cold person at all. As it gets colder I forget these little things that really make my day. When it's really freaking cold outside and you see people scraping stuff [off their windshields], it makes you feel fortunate to have a garage and be able to warm your butt in the car. It makes you feel it even more when you drive through Campus and remember what it was like to try to find parking. When you're in school you can do anything and deal with any type of climate because you have no money.

Brittany Baum

Owner of Brezel