It's raining men: Former 98 Degree frontman to take it off at Skully's

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

It's raining men! From 98Degrees! It's going to get steamy! Ok, enough with the weather puns.

Jeff Timmons, founder of 98 Degrees and Canton native is on tour, but this time, he isn't singing love songs. The former (current?) heartthrob has still got it, and he plans to flaunt it in his latest project, Men of the Strip at Skully's Music Diner on Monday Nov. 11.

Timmons (the hot one that wasn't a Lachey) and his merry band of sexy dudes will take to the stage and hopefully show the slew of screaming 20 to 40-somethings (myself included) you're never too old to have a crush on a boy band.

"The transition from performing with 98 Degrees to Men of the Strip was pretty seamless. A lot of boy bands' marketing strategies are based on sexuality anyway. We always had our shirts off,"Timmons said in a phone interview on Thursday. "This is the same thing, we're just a little more honest about it."

Timmons decided to start Men of the Strip after a stint working with the Chippendales in Las Vegas.

"I actually didn't want to do it becuase of the stigma, but My wife talked me into it," he said. "After I actually saw the show, my perception of it changed."

According to Timmons, the show is fun and edgy, but don't expect the "Full Monty".

"[Men of the Strip] is real entertainment, we have an amazing choreographer who worked with Michael Jackson among others." Timmons said. "My wife loves the show, my kids know what I do for a living, it's just harmless fun, nothing distateful."

Though the droves of screaming women is nothing new for Timmons, he is having a great time watching the other men in the group experience the 98 Degrees treatment.

"It's completely different for me because I have four kids and I'm married now. I'm just in a different place than most of these younger guys," Timmons said. "Most of the guys have never done anything like this before, so needless to say they are living it up. They feel like rock stars."

That isn't to say he hasn't had his share of fun.

"I'm just glad social media wasn't so prevalent back when I was in 98Degrees," Timmons said. "I wouldn't have gotten away with so much."

Ok, so like, for real guys... Do you think he would sign my tour poster? :::I die:::