Columbus is cool! We have the numbers to prove it.

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

If you are reading this from inside the 270 outerbelt, congratulations! You live in one of America's top 20 cities for millenials! No, really! I have proof! posted the results of a study measuring the "livability" of American cities for people 35 and under, and the capital city ranked a respectable 19th... Though we think we should be a little higher up. (We may or may not be biased about that.)

According to Vocativ, Columbus ranked eighth in affordable housing, ninth in affordable groceries, and a notable second in the price of beer (hell yeah!) -- though I'm not sure why they chose the price of Guinness as the barometer. What they forgot to take into consideration is the awesome dining selection, the thriving art scene, or Comfest, but what can you do.

Portland topped the overall list, boasting best in class on cheap pot and cigs and the most coffee shops per capita. (Insert obligatory Portlandia joke.)

Though I think we should definitely be ahead of Albuquerque and Omaha (really, Omaha?) ole C-bus didn't fare too badly!