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Calvin Johnson

Detroit is in first place! And for a reason — MEGATRON. Or as I like to refer to the Godfather, Don Mega. Nearly 330 yards in Jerry World. ’Nuff said. Oh, and suck it Bears (and Jay Cutler, and Charles “peanut” — the second-most appropriate nickname in the NFL — Tillman)!

Jake Johnson

There’s Hemingway and Nick Miller. Yes, these are my heroes. But, as much as I want to hang out and drink a couple Heislers (not a real beer, by the way) with Nick Miller and get weird, I’m more impressed by the actor who plays him.

I’ve recently come around on “New Girl,” and the main reason is Johnson. His performance has buoyed the series from the start, but Johnson has also shined in a couple of my favorite recent movies.

Johnson nearly stole the show in “Safety Not Guaranteed,” but his most recent indie, “Drinking Buddies,” is a masterpiece. The difficult, and obviously intimate-but-guarded, relationship his character has with Olivia Wilde (who’s also amazing) is astounding amid the rarely seen truths about men and women.

Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson

I’ve been a fan of Caplan since “Party Down,” but I’m utterly blown away by her performance as Virginia Johnson on Showtime’s new drama “Masters of Sex.” She’s the heart and soul of a series that’s intentionally (and rightfully) devoid of such characteristics — it is a show about the science of sex — and the main reason to watch. I predict an Emmy nomination and win for her in 2014. Claire Danes’ chin-quivering on “Homeland” has gotten stale.

Rian Johnson

Yup, we’re going for Johnson No. 4. Rian Johnson has directed two fantastic movies in “Brick” and “Looper,” but that’s not why he’s earned my love. Nope, it’s Johnson’s work on “Breaking Bad” (and an episode of “Terriers”).

He’s directed three of the best and most seminal episodes of the series, “Fly,” “Fifty One” and the holy-crap-that-was-bad-ass “Ozymandias.” I can’t wait for Rian’s next movie and am immensely depressed he won’t be directing any more episodes of the greatest TV series of all-time. Then again, he’s left his mark.

Criterion Collection’s Top 10s

As you may have noticed, I’m a huge fan of Top 10 lists. Criterion’s is my fave because it features everyone, not just the stodgy film types — Patton Oswalt, Guillermo del Toro, Wexner Center film and video curator Dave Filipi (pictured), James Franco, poker player Ricky Jay, Chuck Klosterman. You get the point.


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