Lady Gaga, Lady Gagaing the EFF out of this Lady Gaga Film Starring Lady Gaga

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Wigs and shoes and butts and boobs! It must be a Lady Gaga vid!

I can't help it, I still love her.

Gaga's new art film, directed by Inez + Vinoodh is everything you'd expect a Gaga vid to be. The two and a half minute vid opens with Gaga saying her "pain is exploding as electronic music," and goes on to show Mother Monster clad in dirt, shedding tears, performing oral sex on a shoe, and rocking some awesomely bad "bubba" teeth. Ya know, girl stuff!

If Gaga isn't your taste, maybe you'll like these guys. They do hilarious parodies and make my day in general.

Which one do you guys prefer? Tough call, I know.