Gift Guide: Gifts for the outdoorsy dude(tte)

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

Write anywhere, anytime

My keychain has a tendency to grow like an out-of-control gremlin, but the one item I can't shake is this Inka keychain pen ($16). Its waterproof ink can write upside down and at any temperature and altitude, making it indispensible for note-taking while on the trail, bike path, river or, perhaps most likely, at the ATM needing to cash a check.

Clintonville Outfitters

2864 N. High St., Clintonville


Brews and brats on the go

Whether for camping or tailgating, this little cooler/grill combo buddy from Creature Skateboards ($39) is packed with versatility. I mean, it's a cooler AND a grill. How cool is that?

Embassy Boardshop

3347 N. High St., Clintonville


One bottle to rule them all

Klean Kanteen's vacuum-sealed bottle ($27.95/16-ounce) is easily my all-time favorite for rather simple reasons: it fits perfectly in my bike water bottle cage, keeps coffee hot and water cold, doesn't retain smells, doesn't leak and comes with multiple cap options (purchased separately), like the cafe ($6) and sports cap ($4.95). This pairing of versatility and practicality is, surprisingly, hard to find, and I long ago tired of having multiple bottles for multiple tasks. Now? Problem solved.

Clintonville Outfitters

2864 N. High St., Clintonville


Smell like the great outdoors

Winter's suffocating darkness and brutal cold can make getting outside and working up a sweat challenging, and even if you manage to work up the will, the hard-won smell (stench?) of the outdoors is more January than June. Not anymore. With Juniper Ridge's line of wild harvested products, you can smell like ravines, pine trees, cedars, Big Sur and more. I use their organic bar soap ($6, but to be discontinued in January), but the company's incense ($10), cologne ($122), cabin sprays ($65) and trail soap ($35) will ensure all your things smell like nature.

Clintonville Community Market

200 Crestview Rd., Clintonville


Let there be light!

My bike can never have enough lights, but after one light broke and another was stolen, I'm back on the market for a new one. This sexy little number (Solas 2-watt USB tail light, $44.99) caught my eye for three primary reasons: I like the clip-on option so I can attach it to a belt or backpack, giving me multiple heights of lights; it has a group ride mode, saving my fellow riders from blindness; and I can charge it at work via USB. Even if your bike riding friend already has a light (or three), rest assured you can't go wrong with another.

Baer Wheels

3510 N. High St., Clintonville


Water bottle: Photo courtesy of Klean Kanteen

Pen: Justin McIntosh photo

Solas: Justin McIntosh photo

Grill: Justin McIntosh photo

Soap: Justin McIntosh photo

Rest of Juniper Ridge products: Courtesy of Juniper Ridge