Street Fashion: Feminizing olive

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As the leaves were turning or beginning to fall off, I saw a noticeable shift away from summer's exotic colors to neutral and earth tones. These past couple weeks particularly, I've seen a fair amount of olive. While olive often is thought of as masculine or militaristic, it can be more versatile and feminine depending on how you wear it. Ashley and Maggie are wearing examples of a military-style jacket. Notice how the taper around Maggie's waist gives it a feminine quality while Ashley's black combat boots fit perfectly with the military vibe. As a neutral color, olive pairs well with bright red, pink, purple or orange.

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Maggie Wilson, Clintonville


Kelsey Hagen, Clintonville


Hasina Cain, East Side


Adam Johnson, Short North


Kat Sauma, South Campus


Adam Bidwell, Short North


Ashley Kraner, Westerville