The List: Top 10 traditional Thanksgiving dishes

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As we trek home to our families for Thanksgiving dinner, tradition dictates that many of us will see the same familiar choices on the table. But which one is best? We pitted these 10 dishes against each other in a "Hunger Games" deathmatch.

10. Cranberry sauce

Obviously the edge goes to the homemade variety, but there's also something about the presentation of just serving up a can-shaped glob of red gelatinous material.

9. Turkey

The foundation of Thanksgiving dinner is great when cooked properly and dry when overcooked, making it fall low on this list. Still the holiday wouldn't be the same without it. Sorry, Tofurky-ers.

8. Mashed potatoes

The classic side dish that just about everyone loves (made even better, of course, by another item on our list).

7. Stuffing

No dish at the Thanksgiving table more aptly lives up to its name. Here, have some carbs with your carbs.

6. Sweet potatoes

With a bunch of ways to make the "sweet" side dish, it's a crowd-pleaser. The casserole with pecan topping is still the best.

5. Green bean casserole

If you're eating Thanksgiving dinner with someone this year who says, "No thanks, I don't like green bean casserole," kick them out. Yes, even if it's their house.

4. Leftover turkey

For some reason turkey always tastes better post-Thanksgiving dinner. Even if you eat "dinner" in the early afternoon, and are back for more turkey by actual dinnertime. Plus, the turkey sandwiches!

3. Pumpkin pie

The original "pumpkin-spice" flavored thing is still the best.

2. A flask of whiskey

Maybe you're lucky enough to have a family that boozes with dinner. If not, a little nip of this will be your best friend, especially when your uncle wants to pick a fight about Obamacare.

1. Gravy

When you've got your plate piled high, you might as well just pour gravy on everything. It's the solution for dry anything (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, etc.). Just ride that gravy boat to your epic post-meal nap.