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1972 Fender Telecaster Bass 

It’s been the only bass guitar I've used since 1992. It's survived all the New Bomb Turks tours in the U.S. and abroad. On our most recent four-show Scandinavian jaunt this past July, I took to carrying it on the plane, as I felt the odds were against its survival (I've seen it tossed by baggage handlers and toppled by TSA agents). The 20-plus years of me digging a hole through it with my pick coupled with super-sweaty shows have created a most unique waterlogged ripple effect on the wood above the pickup. Some of the more uptight guitar shop repair-folk have gasped at the sight of it.

 Steidl Publishing 

German publisher of the photo-book-as-fetish-object. Home to books from icons like William Eggleston, Roni Horn, Robert Polidori, Mitch Epstein, Robert Frank and more. They make beautiful cloth-covered and amazingly crafted books. They even have their own fragrance, Paper Passion, which smells like newly printed books. One of their latest releases, “Malls Across America,” by Michael Galinsky, contains an essay by Columbus’ own Bela Koe-Krompecher (Anyway Records, Used Kids et al.).

beIN Sport

If we're not careful, my wife, son and I can lose an entire weekend watching incredible football (soccer) matches from La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Ligue 1 (France) and more. Sure we love our share of British Premier League matches, but beIN has the incomparable Ray Hudson providing the colorcommentary. His references run from Joan Miró to Jessica Rabbit to Liza Minelli. One of his most recent gems: "[Neymar] peels the ball away like tissue from a toilet roll."

Ace of Cups 

Marcy Mays is a Columbus treasure, and she's built the most perfect rock club this town has ever seen. It’s as much fun to play shows here as it is to attend them, the sound system is well maintained and run well, the staff is sweet, there’s great beers on tap, ping-pong, barbecue, fire-pit, DJ booth, and love ... a lot of love has been put into the place, and it shows. I don't get there often (leave me alone, I’m a family man) but when I do it feels like home. Marcy’s best response to my tipsy end-o-night inquiries into why AoC is the best rock club this town has ever seen? “I know how to throw a party. You gotta know how to throw a party.” I concur.

Santa Teresa’s 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera & Gran Reserva, Ron Añejo

We've been hanging out with some Venezuelan friends who always serve these two rums at their house. Gran Reserva, the mid-priced selection from maker Santa Teresa (Venezuela) can be used for mixing, but is amazing enough to drink on the rocks. The 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera, also from Santa Teresa, is straight up magisterial!

[beIN Sport: People_TWL_beIN and Neymar_1128

Credit: AP photo

Caption: Barcelona’s Neymar and Betis’ Markus Steinhofer fight for the ball during their La Liga soccer match at the Benito Villamarin stadium, in Seville, Spain, Nov 10.

Ace of Cups: People_TWL_Ace of Cups_1128

Credit: Jodi Miller photo

Caption: Marcy Mays, owner of Ace of Cups.

Santa Teresa: People_TWL_Rum_1128

Credit: Photo courtesy of Santa Teresa

Bass: Meghan Ralston photo

Steidl Publishing: Meghan Ralston photo]

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