The List: The 10 worst words that aren't "moist"

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Columbus Alive

With Mickey Melchiondo Jr. (aka Dean Ween of Ween) bringing his other cringeworthy-named band Moistboyz to town, we're reflecting on other terrible words in the English language that make us feel, um, moist. (Swear words, racial slurs and other offensive things are omitted from contention.)


We hate wearing them almost as much as we hate the word.


Shortening already short words is already kind of a douchebag move, but this synonym for douchebag is the worst. Sorry, Adam Levine.


Its incessant (and incorrect) usage makes grammar fiends bristle, even though dictionaries will often include it, denoting it as "informal" or "nonstandard" before they list its definition as "regardless."


One of the few examples where using correct language makes you sound like even more of a tool.

"Knock, knock."

"Who's there?"


"To who?"

"To whom."


Even the mention of the sickly sweet and syrupy liqueur makes us want to invoke another gross word: vomit.


Only way to make this word worse? Precede it with "itchy."


A tie for two words that never, ever come off as sexy - just creepy.


Supposedly, if you use this word, passersby are allowed to punch you with immunity from prosecution.


No matter how much money Victoria's Secret spends on marketing, they will never be able to make this word sexy.

1. "Nickelback"