Street Fashion: Some rules can be broken

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

There are many rules when it comes to fashion. We're all familiar with ones like "no white after Labor Day," "never mix brown with black" and "your belt should always match your shoes." This week I want to tell you that some fashion rules are meant to be broken. Fashion is about taking risks and self-expression. This week I met a few people who found their own style and made it work. For example, Gibby is wearing a knit cardigan over a knit sweater, and a knit hat. One might think that's overdoing it, but she makes it work because she's comfortable, confident and it fits her. Kinji is rocking a Kangol style hat, a turtle neck and a fanny pack over his shoulder. On paper that sounds insane, but Kinji's style is refreshing and sticks with you. The takeaway here is: Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone in the pursuit of your own style.

1. Brady Ferrel, German Village

2. Zachary Worthington, Galloway

3. Bibb Dickey, Finley

4. Dasom Yang, Clintonville

5. Christian Simoroni, Victorian Village

6. Kinji Uchino

7. Gibby McDaniel, Discovery District