Things We Love: Quinn Fallon's picks

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

Forgive Quinn Fallon if he's a little bah-humbug this time of year. As he told me via Facebook message, "Whereas I would love to say how much I love the holiday season, the spirit of giving, children singing X-mas carols and a bunch of crap like that, I am in full blown survival mode." He has his reasons for feeling Scrooge-like, but this weekend he'll celebrate the life of his longtime friend John Andrew "Andyman" Davis by helping to throw the 2013 CD102.5 Andymanathon Benefit Concert at the Bluestone.

In addition to the Andymanathon, these are some of his favorite things.


I'm a member of the least exclusive group in Columbus. I was friends with Andy. After we lost Andy I was given a green light from Andy's wife, Molly, and Randy Malloy from CD102.5 to bring back the annual benefit show that pretty much ran out of steam when Andy and I sold the Tree House. The 2010 show featured reunions from the Toll and Howlin' Maggie, and since then we've seen fantastic performances from Lydia Loveless, the Phantods, Miranda Sound and others, including the only band with a standing permanent invite, Watershed. Christmas was a giant deal to Andy, and I'm very lucky to help remember him this time every year while raising money for many charities that were very dear to him. Plus, I get to see Watershed.

The Replacements

These guys are my Beatles. I got into them late in the game. I … was listening to Let It Be [and] "Unsatisfied" came on and by the end of the song I was absolutely devastated. I had already been writing songs for 15 years by then, and in one brutal moment I realized I had never written anything as naked or gut-wrenching as these gents. Later I would have the good fortune to get Slim Dunlap to play on several songs of mine, chat with Tommy Stinson for an hour in Stache's and meet Paul Westerberg twice.

F---ing Natties!!!

The only thing I love more than this much-maligned beer is the shock I see on people's faces when I walk around Little Rock with a can in my hand. If I wanted to impress people I would take off my pants. We don't sell it at Little Rock, of course. I don't want those kinds of people in the bar.

Quinn Fallon

Owner of Little Rock Bar

944 N. Fourth St., Italian Village