Things We Love: Alive staff picks

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Columbus Alive

Like the best of Haruki Murakami’s books, Jonny Greenwood’s score for the Japanese author’s movie adaptation is immersive and haunting.


Movie awards season

My mailbox is overflowing with "For your consideration" screeners of the year's best movies. It's a good time to be a film critic.


Christmas movie marathons

Because you can never watch too many Hallmark Christmas specials.

Lauren K.:


Enough said.


“Rick and Morty”

The “other” Dan Harmon show is as weird and wonderful as anything else on the tube right now.


Kids opening presents

I’ve always enjoy seeing loved ones get excited to open something special. But watching my daughter open presents — one at a time, taken out of the box and played with before moving to the next — has become the highlight of Christmas.


Dec. 26

I am so over Christmas, I can’t even stand myself.


GSW Merry Meltdown App

I get to play a free game on my phone, and for every point I get, GSW is donating $.01 to help build a well in a village in Ghana. Guilt-free gaming? Yes, please.